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Kim's CDR & Video Trading Post


To my CDR, Video & VCD trading site!

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*** As of 09/01/2006***
On a very limited basis I will trade music.  I am searching for Rob Zombie, Staind, Mudvaine, Velvet Revolver and GodSmack... Thank you KIM
Here's a quick list of my trading rules;
This is a trading site only and nothing is ever for sale....Usually a trade can always be worked out.........

Most Important thing to remember is do not send me anything you would not want me to sent to you.

1. Use only named brand CDRs and VHS tapes, no CDRs with no names printed on them.
2. Even trades 1 for 1... CDR for a CDR and Video for a Video. First trade done in a group 8 for 8. I will trade for a higher amount if we both agree to it. I prefer large trades, but I also remember good thing come in small packages.
3. Both parties mail first class.
4. Protective sleeves for CD's with playlist for all CDRs and labels for VHS's.
5. Artwork not a must, I would like set lists if you have them. I have some of the artwork I include an extra data CDR with any artwork I have from your trade. My Set lists are posted on this site, I add to them as I receive them.
6. During a trade keep in touch by E mail. Informing each other as to when you sent the trade and when you receive the trade as well.
7. I do not mind if you live outside the USA, I trade with almost anyone, anywhere. I am flexible to work with and I am sure a trade can be worked out.

**Looking for cover art? This site has links to tons of artwork.

My rating system for CDR's and VHS's;
I rate on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best possible copy.
If I rate a copy  3 or less it is for "hard core fans only".
If there is anything special about the copy I will add it to the rating as well.
This part of the site is a work in progess, if you are interested in a CDR or VHS w/o a rating ask and I will let you Know.
This should be updated soon.

Last updated 11/24/2002...

Bands I am trading for;
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Ozzy Osbourne
Janis Joplin
Alice Cooper
Van Halen
Guns and Roses
Led Zepplin
Thin Lizzy
T Rex
and everything in between.

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